QuESt – Congratulations f. Phresh James @ 2dopeboyz

QuESt – Congratulations ft. Phresh James

5 Responses to “QuESt – Congratulations f. Phresh James @ 2dopeboyz”
  1. The fight scenes are worth the watch!

  2. All three of these characters have been totally wasted for at least two seasons now, more like glorified extras, part of the backdrop, because weve had to take these boring, meaningless diversions at the temple and to the Dharma times. Ugh. Lost is an enigma, its at once one of the best and worst shows in history. They could have ended it after season 3 if this is where it was going to end up.

  3. Clela: I just saw your other post about the thumb brace. Thanks for the suggestion. Ill definitely look into it.

  4. The one thing you have to remember about all the postseason awards is that they are voted upon before the playoffs start.

  5. The man hanging from the tree was a spaghetti western starring Clint Eastwood and it was called hang em high.

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